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Dr. Chenxi Wang is a Principal Analyst with Forrester Research. She serves on the security and risk team, covering topics such as cloud security, application security, and content security. Previously Chenxi was Chief Scientist with KSR Inc. (now part of Neohapsis). Prior to that Chenxi was an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Are you rethinking Facebook?

Facebook is currently the world’s most popular social media site, with over 400 million users. Long plagued by accusations of security leaks and lackluster privacy practices, the corporation is currently defending itself against a barrage of new criticism. CEO Mark … Continue reading

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Ok. There is more (or may be less) to the VPN story, Google says

Google called me again after I posted the latest follow up to the Google hack story. Wow, two calls from Google AR in the span of an hour! They were uncomfortable about the way I characterized the involvement of the … Continue reading

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Follow up: Google calls and confirms the VPN story.

Google called me, five minutes ago, confirmed that the attacker indeed came in via the corporate VPN access. On top of that, they told me that the victim machine was a corporate managed machine, not a home computer. As to … Continue reading

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Why Google and Microsoft were at fault for the attack, not cloud computing

By now, much has been written about last week’s attack on Google, Yahoo, and more than 30 other companies. Google’s stark reaction to the attack has put the company at the forefront of this news story. At stake is one … Continue reading

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An interesting cloud computing panel to start the new year

On Thursday January 7th 1pm pacific, I will be moderating what promises to be an exciting panel–“Cloud computing: A positive disruption to IT security”– with panelist Qualys CEO Philippe Courtot and Cisco’s Chief Security Officer  John Stewart.  See what Forrester, Cisco, and Qualys … Continue reading

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Facebook’s new privacy settings

Last week, Facebook just upgraded its privacy settings. I am sure by now many of you have gone through the new privacy setting wizard. But do you know all the ins and outs of the new settings and how to … Continue reading

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(Updated) Cloudy with a chance of “non-compliance”

Compliance, along with security and privacy, is a big topic when firms consider cloud services. I recently did a Forrester Webinar on the topic of compliance for cloud computing. You can access the recording here: This blog entry is … Continue reading

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