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Dr. Chenxi Wang is a Principal Analyst with Forrester Research. She serves on the security and risk team, covering topics such as cloud security, application security, and content security. Previously Chenxi was Chief Scientist with KSR Inc. (now part of Neohapsis). Prior to that Chenxi was an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Update – the booth babe discussion

Since the original post, Zenobia and myself received many responses. The twitter feeds have been extremely busy. I want to provide a short update here and will follow up with an updated summary a bit later in the week.  In … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Start A New Dialogue – Saying Goodbye to Booth Babes, Once And For ALL

(co-authored with Zenobia Godschalk, CEO of ZAG Communications) At the recent RSA conference, it was apparent the exuberance and spending of the 90s are back, and with them, the dreaded accessory known as “booth babes”. In many areas of the … Continue reading

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Be A Good Marketer And Win Over Your Analyst In 8 Slides

As a former analyst (I spent 6 years as Research VP at Forrester), I have been asked many times “what makes a good analyst presentation?” Throughout my time at Forrester, I saw countless vendor presentations; some great, some mediocre, others … Continue reading

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At the Churchillclub, with Scott McNealy and Ed Zander (and Lady Gaga)

Last Thursday evening I went to a Churchillclub event: Scott McNealy in conversation with Ed Zander. I was attracted to the event because of the two speakers. Scott McNealy, the former CEO of Sun Microsystems, is a Silicon Valley legend. … Continue reading

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HBGary, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, and the concept of Openness

Recently I’ve been reading the excellent work by Jamais Cascio and thinking about the concept of Openness. Much of Jamais’ work is focused on geoengineering but the concept of openness has profound implications on many fields, including computer security. For … Continue reading

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HP misses opportunity with Watercooler

Michael Brzozowski, the creator of Watercooler, the internal social media system for HP, recently left HP for Google. Talents move around all the time, especially in the bay area where the industry is rife with interesting opportunities. However, in this … Continue reading

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iPad infrastructure hacked – iPad owners’ email addresses leaked

On Tuesday, popular tech gossip site Valleywag reported a hack targeting AT&T’s infrastructure that led to the accidental disclosure of 100,000 iPad owners’ email addresses. As far as we can gather at this point, this is most likely a parameter … Continue reading

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