About Dr. Chenxi Wang

Dr. Chenxi Wang is VP of Market Intelligence at Intel Security. Previously Chenxi served as VP of Research and Principal Analyst with Forrester Research for 6 years, covering the topics of Enteprise Mobility, Cloud Security and Application Security. This blog contains her personal views on these topics and her musings of living a connected life in Silicon Valley. Chenxi is a gadget lover, who wears a Google Glass and drives a Tesla. Prior to Forrester, Dr. Wang was Principal Scientist with KSR, Inc., and Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Wang received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Virginia.


9 Responses to About Dr. Chenxi Wang

  1. Julius Riles says:

    Dr. Wang,
    I found the webinar informative, but in an elementary or basic way.
    Perhaps you can share your vision of cloud computing when it has matured and moved beyond the current beginnings of a developing technological business model.

    • Chenxi Wang says:

      Julius. Thank you for your comment, and sorry for the delay in response as I was out of town for a few days. You are right that the webinar focused on some of the elementary topics as cloud computing is still in its early stage. I’d love to have a discussion about what’s it like when the technologies mature. On top of my head, I’d say we can count on the following:
      – Security standards for clouds would emerge and stablize.
      – Cloud providers would consolidate. So will thirdparty cloud security providers.
      – Innovations in cloud security would focus on the virtualization environment.
      – The concentration of data (and sensitive data) in a small number of cloud environments will propel the awareness and adoption of application security measures for the cloud.

  2. john nolan says:

    Hi Dr. Wang

    could you please elaborate a little further on your comment on innovations in cloud security would focus on the virtualization environment – in what way do you see this unfolding ?



  3. Charles Snyder says:

    Looking for up to date security checklist for Cloud Computing. I found one you did yesterday, but I cannot find it again.

    • Chenxi Wang says:

      Hi. Are you a Forrester client? If so, I can send you the link to the security checklist. It’s likely someone posted online and Forrester had them taken down.

      • Charles Snyder says:


        I will check on our company’s status on Forrester. (if we ahave a current membership)

  4. Anthony D'Angelo says:

    Excellent webinar on Cloud Computing Security. Being in healthcare the HIPAA issues are the most prominent; however I do see an opportunity for having test environments with deidentified data making sense from an economy of scale standpoint.

  5. Well written. Opinions on Scott aside… you did a great job helping me picture an event I didn’t attend. The “institution” of Sun Microsystems is true. Seems like yesterday, when I was there ’91-’94. Thanks for helping me reminisce!


  6. Jason McDowell says:

    Hi Dr. Wang,

    I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your article in the collaborative book Beautiful Security. Your depth of knowledge regarding the underground economy of data breaches was frightening to say the least. It was a great read and extremely informative.

    All the best,

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